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Who is Lisa?

When thousands of students worldwide describe the positive results they experience with Lisa’s courses, we knew we had to share her teachings with you. As a passionate holistic health practitioner, certified Reiki master and teacher, Lisa has been helping others integrate alternative healing for over 20 years.

Her discovery of Reiki changed her life, and was called to share the benefits of powerful energy healing with others ever since. We admire the way she overcame her own life challenges with energy healing, and now coaches and inspires others to embrace their own healing potential.

Coupled with her degrees in Kinesthetics and Education, Lisa continuously develops a variety of powerful and natural ways to heal and grow, and you too can learn the same life-changing techniques with her online courses and coaching.

Why Lisa?

We are elated to work with such a powerful coach, whose expertise on natural healing brings transformative shifts to our physical, mental and energetic health.

Lisa’s journey of holistic living is one of continuous inspiration, and began when she personally experienced the healing power of essential oils, meditation and Reiki. Her abundant wisdom around healing systems, meditation, crystals and essential oils has helped thousands of people improve their wellbeing and life balance with a renewed energy focus.

If you are seeking positive life change through natural practices, alternative healing and energetic systems then Lisa is the perfect guide.

Lisa’s Impact

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Lisa’s Courses

Reiki Level I, II & Master Certification

  • Understanding of energy systems, chakras, and meridians
  • Ability to use Reiki on yourself and others
  • Ability to enhance personal growth & heal personal imbalances
  • Increased intuition and awareness
  • Ability to heal unwanted patterns and manifest goals
  • Certification to use Reiki professionally
  • How to use Reiki as a powerful healing modality
  • Understanding chakra, meridian & aura energy systems
  • Working with The Five Elements in your practice
  • Attunement exercises to open up energy flow
  • Advanced techniques such as meeting your Reiki
    Guides & accessing different levels of consciousness
  • Multiple methods for performing Reiki from a distance

Reiki Level I, II & Master

Your Complete Reiki Certification

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lisa powers

Essential Oils for Wellness

  • A new way to use natural based solutions for everyday uses
  • Heal and prevent common illnesses with oils, not medication
  • Revitalize your energy with unique blends of essential oils
  • Become knowledgeable about essential oils and blends that work
  • Enhance your wellbeing with recipes designed for the body systems
  • Understand the benefits and properties of each oil
  • Know how to use essential oils for hormonal and emotional imbalances
  • Learn blends and techniques to support your immune system & healing
  • Learn which essential oils enhance specific body systems
  • Insights to the best oils to keep your family calm and happy
  • Learn to safely use essential oils on your body & at home

Essential Oils for Wellness

Healthy Alternatives for the Home

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