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Who is Lisa?

Lisa is one of the most requested motivational speakers and communication coaches in the world. She’s engaging and energizing to watch, teaching audiences how to go from good to unforgettable with the power of their voice. Lisa is also known as the #1 requested teacher from the movie ‘The Secret’ and author of 6 bestselling books, including New York Times bestseller, ‘No Matter What’.

Lisa is a real inspiration for us. After hitting rock bottom and “bouncing back” with a thousand second chances, her story is one that has motivated millions of people. In 1994, Lisa had less than $12 to her name and couldn’t even buy diapers for her child. That moment was fuel to use the only skill she believed she had – her voice. She stood in front of a mirror and crafted a message for the world – “our voices, in the right moments, can transform lives and the world around us.”

Lisa transformed her life. By overcoming limiting beliefs and by refusing to listen to what others thought, she was able to find her authentic voice. She started a multi-million dollar company and crafted Speak and Inspire to empower others in using their voice for good.

Why Lisa?

We feel the infinite potential behind Lisa’s message: “the right words, spoken in the right way, at the right time, could change the world”. Lisa has the communication skills to inspire you to take action in ways you never thought you could.

Lisa fame came quickly, appearing on prime-time TV shows like Oprah, and touching the lives of over 30 million people worldwide. She’s been featured on The Today Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and BBC to name a few. For the past 17 years, Lisa has taught her communication mastery skills to a rapidly expanding community.  

After the 30-day course, we felt embodied in our voice as a force for positive living and communal change. As well as learning how to speak our truth, we underwent a journey of self-discovery that unearthed our personal story. A must do for anybody who wants to find their unique message, speak with confidence, and inspire any audience.

Lisa's Impact

“Lisa has an outstanding way of really making you look inward and learn to love what you see. Then she helps you take that love and express it outward. This process has helped me learn to better communicate not only with the audiences at my speaking engagements but also with my family.”

“Lisa is an incredibly gifted individual in her ability to inspire, motivate and empower people of all ages. It has been my good fortune to work with some of the legends in the speaking industry. As a speaker, Lisa ranks at the top with the best of them. As a facilitator, she is unequaled.”

“Lisa goes deep into multiple areas of personal development and empowerment. Many spend thousands of dollars on therapy, seminars or coaching and do not get half the value.”

Lisa's Course

Speak & Inspire

  • Become a master storyteller on stage, at work or during any conversation
  • Use natural magnetism & charisma to captivate listeners
  • Grow confidence to express your ideas & opinions
  • Gain clarity of who you are & what you stand for
  • Deepen your relationships through authentic communication
  • How to get over the fear of speaking up
  • Uncover the power of your true voice
  • How to captivate listeners & get people to pay attention
  • Techniques to add strength to your words & impact
  • Craft your own mesmerizing story with authenticity
  • Skills to become an engaging and persuasive speaker

Speak & Inspire

with Lisa Nichols

Give Power to Your Voice