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Who is Julia?

This is your opportunity to be part of the sales revolution! Julia is a sales mentor, empowering ‘soulpreneurs’ to get over the fear of selling, increase their visibility and attract more clients with ease and confidence. She is the ultimate ‘freedom-warrior’ when it comes to sales training; empathic, warm-hearted and encouraging – all with captivating Aussie style.

During her 10 years experience in the cut-throat sales industry, she began to feel burnt out – wondering why traditional sales and marketing methods felt inauthentic and tasteless. She left realizing there is a genuine need for heart-centred sales with integrity. She was inspired to create Soul Centred Sales Mentoring Programs, and has since been helping hundreds of sales leaders and conscious business owners to enjoy a new mindset around sales.

Why Julia?

We speak to many spiritual entrepreneurs who are looking for a more authentic way to sell themselves and naturally attract clients to their services. Some have a fear of being visible, being rejected or coming across as too pushy – issues that hurt an income, lifestyle and business. With Julia, it no longer has to feel this way.

Julia teaches you how to enjoy heart-based connections and how to leverage an effective sales system for your business. It’s about helping clients with problems, being proud to share your services and who you are to the world.

Julia believes it is possible to enjoy what you do and be financially abundant at the same time. Her teachings transform the flow of clients into your business and help you get paid well for doing what you love.

Real Results

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Julia’s Course

Sales Magic for Soulpreneurs

  • Clarity on your soul purpose, personal branding and aligned offer, all within your value system
  • Escape from the “sales-closet”, becoming visible so the perfect clients can find you
  • Increased online and social media presence to attract leads with ease and grace
  • A transformation of your beliefs and energetic blocks that stop you from selling, speaking and sharing what you do
  • Heart-centered messaging that connects with your ideal audience with authenticity
  • Get clients who are excited to work with you & keep coming back because of your high value
  • Get clear on your messaging, audience & soul-aligned brand
  • Learn the language of your ideal clients & naturally attract them
  • Enjoy sales conversations by creating heartfelt connections
  • Discover sales activities that align with your values
  • Confidently share your services & invite people to work with you
  • Turn customer objections into reasons for working with you

Sales Magic For Soulpreneurs

with Julia McKeowen

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