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Who is Destinee?

When some of the biggest names in the spiritual community spoke highly of the success they had working with Destinee we knew we had to look her up. Destinee is a digital marketing master, passionate about helping holistic coaches, healers and yoga teachers grow a successful presence online.

Before launching her online business, Destinee was a marketing guru in the corporate world. As an “entrepreneur at heart”, Destinee took on every job as her own business. It wasn’t long before she was managing multi-million dollar marketing budgets for Twitter, Proctor & Gamble, and Microsoft.

Destinee was on top of her game, but something inside told her corporate marketing was not her bigger purpose. In 2014, her profound spiritual connection to metaphysics drew her towards an opportunity for change.

Why Destinee?

The results of Destinee’s coaching and online courses are impressive. She’s helped thousands of people all over the world leverage the power of digital media, align perfectly with their following, and 10x their online audience. 

It is her generous advice and invaluable strategy that makes her one of our favorite coaches for maximizing your online business.

Today, her coaching blends her two worlds: results-driven marketing and a love for the intuitive arts. We especially like the way she helps others grow online with intention and focus, all while feeling completely comfortable and empowered about the process.

Destinee’s Impact

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Destinee’s Course

Grow Your Tribe

  • Create a website to will attract the audience you want
  • Turn prospects into engaged followers, then into paying clients
  • Tap into a newly engaged, expanding & profitable email list
  • Create social media content that attracts meaningful, authentic connections
  • Leverage a lead-building strategy you can use for life
  • Access Destinee’s first-hand, proven methods that work
  • Use actionable plans and strategies for growth & scaling
  • Build a better digital home for your brand
  • Get tips for creating organic social media content
  • Learn how to turn paid ads into traffic, strategically
  • Create a network of like-minded promotional partners

Grow Your Tribe

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