Why Meditation is the New Caffeine

Meditation: The New Caffeine

Learn how to use meditation as a productivity tool, and replace your daily coffee routine

Do you know what the chemicals in caffeine do to the brain exactly? In this video, Emily Fletcher Founder of Ziva Meditation, explains the brain-science behind being productive.  You will learn the chemistry behind meditation and why just 15 minutes of it can give your brain more juice than a cup of coffee.


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zivaONLINE is the most powerful meditation technique to unlock your full potential & uplevel your life

  • Discover a 15 minute meditation practice that’s quick, easy and effective
  • Feel less stress, and live with a calmer mind to experience more clarity
  • Use this technique to increase your daily productivity, focus & attention
  • Feel more energy & emotional balance throughout the day
  • Begin to feel physically & mentally healthier
  • See immediate improved results in work, life and relationships

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