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Who is Suzi?

Here is one truly inspiring spiritual counselor, inspirational speaker and visionary leader that has influenced a movement around motherhood. Suzi is an advocate for mothers everywhere and is an expert in the field of human transformation and spiritual psychology.

For thousands, Suzi is redefining Motherhood. Her combination of teachings and innovative methodologies challenge conventional thinking that says mothers must sacrifice and martyr themselves. Her book ‘The Motherhood Evolution’ shows us how to connect with our untapped spiritual potential, and use it to enrich the connection with ourselves so our children thrive.

Her unique approach has been featured on The Today Show with Michael Bernard Beckwith, alongside best-selling authors Dr. Shefali Tsabary (The Conscious Parent) and Neale Donald Walsch. She also serves on the board for Agape International Center of Truth with Michael Beckwith.

Why Suzi?

Suzi’s experience is immense. She’s enjoyed 18 years of a thriving practice and mentored some of the most evolutionary leaders in the industry. Her international workshops make her one of the most sought-after Spiritual Counselors of our time.

Suzi guides mothers to embrace the qualities of, nurturing, connection and intuition that comes from “being”, not doing. She makes a stand for women’s strength, success, and awakening around the world. It’s her “deep dive” coaching that we appreciate the most, getting clients to heal and leaving them feeling lifelong acceptance and confidence.

As a mother herself, she’s an advocate for people everywhere to thrive. Her courses The 21 Day Conscious Cleanse with Dr. Shefali and Learning the Language of Self-Compassion have been featured with YOGI TIMES UNIVERSITY because of their transformative ability to break negative habits and heal the relationship you have with yourself.

Suzi’s Impact

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Suzi’s Courses

Learning the Language of Self-Compassion

  • Let go of guilt forever by setting consistent boundaries
  • Takeaway a toolkit of self-compassion language to elevate your inner-voice
  • Become less protective and enjoy deeper connections
  • Master emotional self-care and manage emotional “storms”
  • Meet your own underlying needs & gain emotional independence
  • Overcome emotional triggers with calm & composure
  • Identify & transform your emotional triggers
  • Meet your own & underlying unmet needs
  • Learn the language of forgiveness & compassion
  • Create a deeper connection with yourself & others
  • Embracing appreciation, gratitude & self-acknowledgement

Learning the Language of

with Suzi Lula

Master Emotional Self-Care

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21 Day Conscious Cleanse

  • Embrace a healing change to your entire relationship with food – forever
  • New dietary patterns that nourish your body, mind & soul
  • A transformed understanding of eating addictions and needs
  • More feelings of self-acceptance, self-love & compassion
  • Healthy results without counting calories, meals, inches, and intake
  • Feeling happy & in control of what you choose to eat
  • How to move past judgement & the critical inner-voice when eating
  • Getting over the associations & emotional needs that drive you to food
  • Reprogramming to overcome food addictions and dependencies
  • Rewrite your self-worth stories & learn to appreciate your body
  • Inspiration to find options that fuel you, not fill you
  • Meditations & practices for self care and living-mindfully

21 Day Conscious Cleanse

with Suzi Lula & Dr. Shefali

Get Healthy

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