Release Worry in Under 2 Minutes

Release Worry in
Under 2 Minutes

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Release worry instantly with these quick and easy exercises

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3 Easy Practices to Instantly Release Worry and Feel Calm

Do moments of worry and anxiety create knots in your stomach? Do you ever find yourself in unexpected stressful situations where calm seems so far away? If only there was a quick and easy way to experience relief in the moment…

Our expert in mind-body healing, Amy B. Scher, has put together some quick and easy exercises you can use in the moment. Whatever the stressful situation, from intense meetings to a first date, you can use these subtle techniques without being noticed. 

Download her free guide and learn how to release the energy locked within the body and redirect its flow for an instant calming effect.

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Learn how to overcome the blocks to self-healing and walk away with energetic techniques for lasting physical and emotional wellness.
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As an expert energy therapist and bestselling author, we like Amy’s unique approach because it’s already helped thousands of people heal from chronic illness, emotional challenges, and more. (P.S. she was one of them!)

Today, Amy’s here to teach us how emotional baggage affects our bodies and our lives — and how to release it for permanent and complete healing.

In 3 videos, Amy will guide you through:

  • Simple, no-overwhelm energetic techniques that really work (and you can do them all by yourself)
  • A proven method to clear the internal emotional blocks
  • A way to calm the nervous system for faster healing
  • A new approach for feeling healthier, happier and free 

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