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3 Easy Practices to Instantly Release Worry and Feel Calm

Do moments of worry and anxiety create knots in your stomach? Do you ever find yourself in unexpected stressful situations where calm seems so far away? If only there was a quick and easy way to experience relief in the moment…

Well, our community’s favorite expert in mind-bosy healing Amy B. Scher has put together some quick and easy exercises you can use in the moment. Whatever the stressful situation, from intense meetings to a first date, you can use these subtle techniques without being noticed. 

Download her guide and learn how to release the energy locked within the body and direct its flow and reflexes to the brain for an instant calming effect.


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“Amy B. Scher is a brave warrior...

ELIZABETH GILBERT, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love

Amy B Scher

Heal Yourself When No One Else Can

  • This is a robust healing program from a high profile coach, comfortably walking you through each tried-and-true method
  • Use this unique approach to heal anxiety, chronic illness, depression, autoimmune conditions, and more
  • Learn the real way to ‘surrender’, which is an essential part of the healing process
  • Clear unprocessed experiences and unhealthy patterns. Release harmful beliefs and reprogram fear
  • Integrate practical energy healing activities to feel healthier physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Feel empowered to take back control of your own health
  • Options to work with Amy through one-on-one support