Raise Your Vibration in 10 Minutes

Raise Your Vibration in 10 Minutes

Kick-start your day in the highest vibration with this morning routine of gratitude

Does your morning routine usually start by waking up and checking your phone? Maybe it’s time to start your day with a much higher vibe routine.

The opportunity to set your vibration for the day is right when you wake up. Being aware of your thoughts and keeping your focus on how you feel is key in keeping your vibration high. These morning affirmations from Abraham Hicks get us in the best energy for the rest of our day. If you are new to this and want to know how a morning practice feels,  start with deep breathing while listening to these affirmations. Think about (and possibly write down) everything you are grateful for. The key to success is consistency, so just start small and see how much better your days begin to feel.

Raise Your Energy Levels

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lisa powers

Understand your natural energy systems and open up your energy flow

  • This is more than a course, this is an easy-to-learn system to bring more joy, energy & healing into your life
  • Move through that ‘heavy’ / ‘stuck’ feeling and live more in alignment
  • Tap into your intuition and awareness to enhance personal growth & heal personal imbalances
  • Understand the body’s energy systems, chakras, and meridians
  • Learn how to use Reiki on yourself and others from the comfort of your home
  • Powerful attunement exercises to open up the energy flow

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