Plant Based Ketogenic Recipes

Plant-Based Ketogentic
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Are you ready to love your body again?

Elaina Love, Culinary Academy Owner, Chef and Cookbook Author is sharing her recipes for better health and a happier lifestyle.  

These nutritious plant-based recipes embody natural healing.  They perfectly assist with digestive issues, low energy and hormone imbalances. By flexing your diet, and eliminating acidic foods from your kitchen, you can take better care of your body and wellbeing.

Elaina has created thousands of super satisfying recipes that taste delicious. In her free e-book, you will find a variety of nourishing sweet and savory recipes that will leave you feeling healthy, vibrant and full of energy. 

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Gluten-Free Savory Pastries: Raw & Vegan

  • Make unforgettable raw, vegan and gluten-free savory pastries & bread alternatives at home
  • Deepen your knowledge of gluten-free, low carb, plant-based food preparation
  • Learn valuable raw & vegan culinary techniques for your home or profession
  • Cut out grains & improve your digestive health while still eating delicious food
  • Enjoy cooking easy-to-follow recipes designed for healing your body

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