Make An Unforgettable 1st Impression

Make An Unforgettable
First Impression

Use this technique to make valuable connections & present yourself with impact in under 60 seconds

We love Lisa Nichols (Founder Motivating the Masses, Teacher in ‘The Secret’) and the journey she took from welfare to become one of the most sought after inspirational speakers. With nothing in her bank account, she used the power of her voice (and this presentation technique) to raise $4.8 million in investment and create the global business she has today today. In this video, Lisa tells us to “bury the elevator pitch” and use this 60 second introduction instead. Use it to make every contact you make more valuable, network at an accelerated pace, present yourself with impact and use your voice to get where you want to be in business.

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Speak & Inspire

  • Grow confidence to express your needs, ideas & opinions
  • Gain clarity of who you are & what you stand for
  • Become a master storyteller, learning how to use natural magnetism & charisma to captivate listeners
  • Deepen your relationships through authentic communication
  • Learn how to communicate through difficult conversations
  • Elevate your life with powerful communication skills

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