Learning Self-Compassion

Learning Self-Compassion

Why do we put emotional self-care at the bottom
of our to-do list?


In today’s lifestyle, it’s easy to become consumed with “being busy”. When we define ourselves by what we do, and try to be all things to all people, we invite the critical inner-voice to creep in. It can leave us feeling like we are never enough. 

If you find yourself losing your temper at situations and people, your triggered emotions likely come from a place of trying to protect yourself.

Suzi Lula, a spiritual counselor and inspirational speaker, teaches in this podcast that being compassionate with ourselves leads not just to wisdom, but also to courage. When we’re accepting of ourselves, including nurturing the emotions we feel, we learn how to take better care of ourselves – spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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Learning the Language
of Self-Compassion

  • Learn how to heal emotional pain, take time for yourself and make yourself a priority
  • Let go of guilt forever by setting consistent boundaries
  • Take away a toolkit of self-compassion language to elevate your inner-voice
  • Become less protective and enjoy deeper connections
  • Master emotional self-care and manage emotional “storms” with calm & composure
  • Meet your own underlying needs & gain emotional independence

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