Clear Your Energy Space

Clear Your Energy & Space
With Reiki & Essential Oils

We impact the spaces we spend time in, and they also impact us.

Perhaps there a certain space you and your family tend to have disagreements? Or maybe you notice the hair on your arms raise and feel uncomfortable in a particular room?

It is important the places you spend time in align with your ideal energy system. Reiki and Essential Oils have a powerful energetic reach to clear your sacred spaces. Reiki is a creative universal life force energy that helps us manifest our reality and our bodies use this energy to thrive. High quality Essential Oils extracted from plants embody powerful energetic advantages for space clearing.

In Lisa’s free guide, you will find her favorite space clearing blends, oils that accelerate intention setting, and step-by-step guidance to clear your space energetically and naturally. It also includes a guided audio-meditation to help you feel clear and revitalized.

Free Guide

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Essential Oils for Wellness

  • Learn the properties and benefits of using essential oils in your daily life
  • Improve your family’s health & wellbeing with specific blend
  • Discover natural alternatives for your health and home
  • Balance your physical, mental and energetic health without chemicals
  • A toolkit of natural solutions for everyday concerns

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Reiki Level I, II & Master

  • Tap into your intuition and awareness to heal yourself and others
  • Understand energy systems, chakras & meridians
  • Learn how to heal physical or emotional discomfort
  • Use Reiki to release old patterns and manifest goals
  • Gain certification to practice Reiki professionally

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