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Who is Christine?

Christine’s contagious, vibrant and loving personality was the first thing we noticed when we met her 17 years ago in offices of YOGI TIMES, Los Angeles. We followed her journey as she left a successful Hollywood career to write a best-selling book and pursue her passion as a life coach and renown speaker. When she talks of her unexpected life challenges, we admire her ability to inspire others to overcome their own difficult experiences.

Christine wrote a number of best-selling books including ‘‘The 20 Something Manifesto’ and ‘Expectation Hangover’, and has become a master coach, podcast and TV host. With her degrees in NLP and Spiritual Psychology, her passion is about supporting people out of their limitations and into fulfillment.

In the corporate world, she is a mentor for generational diversity, finding life balance, and overcoming adversity. Her methodology has been featured on TV programs such as CNN, ABC, and CBS who embrace Christine as an expert in this space.

Why Christine?

We like the way Christine combines her life-changing coaching techniques with the principles of spiritual psychology. Her online course Personal Mastery Over It & On With It focuses on healing, improving your relationships, and getting over the significant mental blocks that hold you back from achieving what you want.

Christine has over 15 years of personal and professional coaching experience. She works with a vast demographic of people globally, and you can listen to her creating “breakthrough” moments in 20 minutes or less live on her podcast Over It & On With It.

After experiencing Christine’s course first-hand, we applaud her ability to transform lives with her teachings, encouraging others to turn difficulties into constructive transformational opportunities.

If you’ve been asking; “Who Am I?”, “What Do I Want?”, and “How Do I Get It?”…well, Christine is definitely the one to guide you towards finding the answers.

Bottom line: she helps people get “over it and on with it!”

Christine’s Impact

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Christine’s Course

Personal Mastery Over It & On With It

  • Make transformative choices & break free from negative patterns, thoughts, and behaviors
  • Feel back in control of your life, trusting your inner-guidance to find the answers
  • Get clear on your true purpose & where you want to be
  • Deepen your spiritual awareness and connect to a clearer understanding of your life
  • Become fully accepting and compassionate towards your authentic-self
  • Heal emotional baggage & learn how to deal with overwhelming emotions
  • Tools and techniques to overcome mental blocks for good
  • A way to rewrite the stories & beliefs that hold you back
  • Coping strategies & healthy ways to express your feelings
  • How to master your thoughts & emotional triggers
  • How to heal past wounds to nourish relationships in your life
  • A way to turn vision into action with powerful goal setting

Personal Mastery
Over It & On With It

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