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“Are you ready to expand your thinking, discover your limitless potential & make a positive impact along your journey…?”

At YOGI TIMES UNIVERSITY we elevate the modern yogi to live a conscious life through online learning. 

Our thoughtfully selected online courses, insightful programs and learning experiences mean everyone, anywhere, can grow spiritually, develop a conscious business and enhance their wellbeing. 

YOGI TIMES UNIVERSITY is our way to pay it all forward.


Founder & CEO of YOGI TIMES      Co-Founder of YOGI TIMES UNIVERSITY

Sophie is an entrepreneur, workshop leader, artist and life coach helping people all over the world develop and integrate tools for growth. She leads an international team – making community, inspiration and growth her absolute ethos. 

Nominated ‘Business Woman of the Year’ she is also a stand for your success. Her mission and her process is one of exploration; helping others unlock their potential and discover a more enriching way of being.

“I am doing it to stay inspired, creative and connected to like-minded people. Bringing people together gives me the opportunity to help others.”


Founder & CFO of YOGI TIMES       Co-Founder of YOGI TIMES UNIVERSITY

Jesse, NLP & Communication Coach, is passionate about studying and altering the structure of the mind; helping others be more inspired, creative and productive. 

JC delved into the publishing world with great passion and intention to share the joy of yoga, health and sustainability with the world. Jesse’s focus is about self-awareness so that individuals can expand in all areas of their life. 

“I am doing it because I can’t stop myself from doing it! Learning is a lifelong journey – and is even better when shared along the way.”



From Marketing Creative, award-winning Hotel General Manager, to Learning & Development consultant for international brands, Kimberley saw huge career success at an early age. She turned it all down to volunteer across India and Bali, and seek inner-fulfillment instead. 

Through divine timing, her travels led her to YOGI TIMES as a volunteer. By collaborating and listening to her deep desire to help people learn and grow in meaningful ways, YOGI TIMES UNIVERSITY was born.


“I am doing it because my passion is all about inspiring people through learning. Especially when it creates meaningful change in their lives.”

“If knowledge is power, then knowledge for yourself is

Dr. Joe Dispenza

  “Inspiration shared from
the community
for the community.”

You will find knowledge from the community’s favorite thought-leaders and master coaches from the spiritual, mindful business and wellness community.


We recognize the forward-thinkers and teachers with transformative insights to share. Together, we help their wisdom reach more people – inspiring and educating others.

  “Sharing knowledge with passion is definitely our culture… and it’s also our higher purpose.”

We personally experience all the programs – yes we want to grow too! We curate learning experiences that elevates us one way or another, inspires growth and ignites positive change.


We thrive to empower you to live a healthy and conscious life, and be at your highest potential. Our metric of success is based on how many lives we inspire to awaken, evolve and positively make an impact.

“Isn’t it uplifting & fun when life conspires for your highest good…unexpectedly?

Our journey has been filled with unexpected divine moments leading us to here – YOGI TIMES UNIVERSITY, We could not have imagined growing into the enriching global community we are today, now followed by over half a million people worldwide.


18 years ago, starting a print magazine from our home, YOGI TIMES was born from an idea to unite seekers and lovers of a conscious lifestyle. Our journey led us to meet inspirational teachers, authors, speakers, contributors and volunteers – whose knowledge empowered us to be who we are today. We wanted to share this knowledge with as many people as we could, and it was when our paths crossed with Kimberley, a passionate learning & development expert, that this learning space could come to life.


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