A Technique to Instantly Calm Fear

Instantly Calm Fear


Fear is maybe the single most stressful thing to your body. It’s totally normal if you feel it from time to time, but instead of reacting to it, here is a technique to help you work through it in a healthy way. 

Our favorite mind-body expert Amy B. Scher will show you how to easily use this technique so you can instantly feel calm in stressful moments.

Use the “Panic Point” in the groove between the pinky and ring finger. About halfway down on the top of the hand, is a point that helps calm the body.

Simply use three or four fingers of your other hand and tap or rub that spot (you don’t need to be right on it). Use it along with deep breaths to instantly feel calmer.

Because it’s directly on the Triple Warmer Meridian or energy pathway, working with it actually sends a message to that energy force to calm down and “back off” from being in overprotective mode.

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