5 Ways to Strengthen Family Relationships

5 Ways to Strengthen
Family Relationships

Even for the busiest of families, there are some things you can do to develop deeper bonds

It feels good to be part of a warm, loving family. However in reality, that feeling is usually found between the moments of conflict, drama and getting on each other’s nerves. Whatever your current dynamic, below are 5 practices to help you strengthen those important family connections.

1. Practice compassionate communication

Strong families regularly talk and build trust through communication. It’s about creating a safe environment to talk, listening without judgment, and making all family members feel heard and respected. 

2. Give the person your full attention

This means turning off the TV and putting down what you are doing – no distractions. Giving someone your undivided attention can make a big difference by helping them feel truly heard.

3. Focus on the other person’s needs, rather than wants

Outward behavior is primarily driven from an inner need being met or not met. When you hear a teenager screaming, it could be their need to feel heard isn’t being met. When mom gets grumpy about doing chores, it could be that her need for help and support around the house isn’t being fulfilled. When you see outward negative behavior, try to identify what need of theirs is not being met. Listen beyond what’s being said and find ways to meet each other’s needs.

4. Resist giving advice

Jumping to help someone ‘get better’ is a natural knee-jerk reaction within families. Resist the urge to give advice or your opinion until you are certain you have fully understood what the person has said to you. Focus on making them feel heard and understood, and ask what is the best way you can help.

5. Use “I” Language rather than “You”

I Language =  “I don’t like all this fighting. It upsets me to see the two of you not getting along.”

You Language = “What’s wrong with the two of you? You two are driving me crazy! Can’t you just get along?”

Speaking from a place of “I” can be challenging because it requires us to be clear about our own thoughts and feelings. However, “I” messages increase our chances of being heard, and decrease the likelihood of conflict

In the video below, we share more ways you can improve the family dynamic with Dr. Shefali, one of the foremost experts in the field of conscious parenting. Featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays and Tedx, we love the way Dr. Shefali integrates eastern philosophy and mindfulness into the expansion of parenting. Her eloquence challenges the rituals, beliefs that have been passed down to us for generations. In this talk, she highlights how our parenting style stems from the wounds in our own inner-child, and she shines light on how to master raising whole and conscious families. 

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