25 Journal Prompts for Self-Improvement

25 Journal Prompts
for Self-Improvement


Gain clarity & empower your journaling with the below inspiration

  • One thing I need to work on is
  • Today I can honor myself by
  • I’m most proud that I
  • A book or film that has impacted me is “x”. It changed my life by
  • I am taking “x” actions to reach “x” goal
  • The thing I am most grateful for is
  • What do I need more of in my life?
  • Why am I feeling the way I do today?
  • What is bothering me and why?
  • The message I want to share with the world is
  • The one thing I would love to learn is
  • I could take better care of myself by
  • If I had another chance, I would 
  • The one thing I know I really need to change is
  • In 3 months from now I will feel
  • One lesson I’ve recently learned is
  • My dream business would look like
  • What did I do this week to bring me closer to my dream?
  • Someone I need to forgive is
  • The person that most inspires me is “x” because
  • Here are some things I need to let go of
  • I want people to remember me for
  • I could have dealt with that situation better by
  • What stopped me from speaking my truth?
  • What’s holding me back?

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